April 22, 2017

Green Tech Tips for Earth Day

Today, as we acknowledge this great planet we live on, it’s important we keep in mind that in order to truly make a difference, we need to “go green” – not just today but every day. Lucky for us, it’s become much easier to be a more energy efficient and environmentally responsible in the work space.

Here are 4 green tech tips in honor of Earth Day:

1. Look for Labels

The bright blue Energy Star label is your first indicator that your product is more efficient than a standard model. This will save you money while helping the planet! Efficiency specifications vary by category, but are established by comparing the specific product’s efficiency to the standard set by the government. Look for the Energy Star label when purchasing office items like computers, copy machines, monitors, and printers.

2. Smaller is Better

Laptops and tablets are designed to be energy efficient by maximizing battery life to last as long as possible. An iPad uses 35% less energy than the average desktop does. If you’re looking to purchase new technology for the office, consider downsizing to a laptop or even a tablet, instead of buying another desktop.

3. Go Solar

Using solar power cuts down energy costs as you eliminate pollution. Solar options are becoming plentiful and affordable in the U.S. Going solar doesn’t have to mean getting solar panels to power the entire office. For around $20 dollars, you can purchase a solar cell phone charger to power up anywhere under the sun! Fill your office up with solar power sources and along with helping the environment, you’ll see a great decrease in the monthly energy bill!

4. Recycling + Reusing

When upgrading your office gadgets, remember there are plenty of ways to reuse, recycle, or even get cash back on your old gadgets without turning them into landfill toxins. Big names like Apple, Amazon and Target have buyback programs for your used gadgets. You can also contact your local town administration for information on recycling programs for items like batteries and old electronics.

At Dynamic Marketing Consultants, we’re very cognoscente about doing our part to save the planet by running an environmentally responsible business. We hope you join our efforts by adapting some of these easy, cost-efficient “green tech” tips this Earth Day!

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