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Devin Herz is a master of ROI-based marketing. He gained that mastery through inherent talent and over 25 years in the marketing business. In Dynamic Marketing Consultants, Devin has built a world-class team of consulting and marketing experts. Whether your business is at the top of its industry and you want to keep it there or you are hungry and struggling or just brand-new, you need Devin and his team.

Devin owned one of Tampa’s most successful event promotion and marketing companies. Early in his career, he was the lead design and commercial print firm for Quiznos, EXIT Realty Corporate, Engel & Völkers Corporate, Tampa Bay Lightning, Tampa Bay Super Bowl, over 50 national recording artists, and many other successful individuals and companies. His company won two Addy Awards, once for a Dairy Queen marketing campaign and another for an Exeter International Travel catalog. He has also won a Gold Ink Award for design.

These days, Devin works closely with his team at Dynamic Marketing Consultants to create innovative print and digital solutions for his clients. He is the creator of InstaVizion and PrintAVizion, two revolutionary marketing tools that bring video to printed marketing collateral.

Additionally, he is a best-selling author of ROI Secrets Revealed, co-author of Marketing Avengers and continues to share his expertise with the public in books, blogs, videos, and interviews.

Devin’s mission is to make marketing fun, exciting and effective. When you work with Devin, you’ll notice his goal-oriented, personable, welcoming, laid-back style. He takes the time to get to know you and your business, so he can tailor the strategies to you and your company and achieve the best results.

Devin has worked with businesses that are household names. He is ready to help you be the best you can be.

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and His Incredible Team

Each team member is an essential part of the magic. Everyone has their own specialty and focus that helps contribute to your success. Devin’s team makes it a priority to be the best at their craft by staying up-to-date with the latest trends and tools. While the team certainly works hard, it is just as important that they can kick back and have fun together, too!


Great group to work with and wouldn’t think of using anyone else. Their marketing campaign made iControl ESI’ recent trade show a real success!

David King | iControl ESI

I never had this success with any other marketing company, it’s really great. Thanks for developing such an amazing campaign!

An Flammand | USA Vacation Homes

We all agree that this is a really cool mailer. So much so that we now want to send 1,000 of them, so I’m getting a new list put together. The variable data name out of gavels, I’ve just never seen anything quite like that, it is so cool and eye catchy.

Ben Glass | Great Legal Marketing

Never in a million years did I think that I would be able to put together a Shook© so professional, attractive and with eye catching response. Comments just from day one have been amazing. My peers are all jealous of the work done on my behalf by Devin and his team and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you again for all the hard work.

Ben McClure | Gardner’s Mattress and More

Overall, we had 34 people respond to our lumpy mailing (34/700 = 5%). We were very happy with this response level as our usual direct mail postcards evoke a response of 1/1000 or 0.01%. Total ROI $7950/$3500 = 227%.

Jonathan Slain | Fitness Together

Devin’s Focus is Your Success!

For over 25 years, Devin’s passion has been creating marketing success for his clients. Whether it’s taking your current campaign to the next level or starting from scratch to create a full marketing plan and strategy, Devin has the knowledge and experience to make it a success from start to finish. If you’re looking to generate or convert leads, Devin has the tools and the know-how to grow your business. Maybe you need help re-engaging your existing client database or up-selling current clients… Devin will share his steps for success.

Company Naming and Brand Development

Be Memorable!

This is a passion for Devin and his team. Whether you are an existing company or startup, building a name and brand that will stand the test of time is imperative.  From your stationery and online presence to social media, they’ve got you covered.  Eliminate your stress and let a team that has developed 47 company names and 100’s of brands make you stand out.

Between Your 4 Walls

Be Remarkable!

Oftentimes business owners only focus on their external marketing efforts and forget about what is most important, what happens within your 4-walls. Before you think about how you will get more clients, Devin and his team will focus on your internal processes and systems to make sure that your client’s experience is remarkable!

Cohesive & Consistent Highly Targeted Marketing

Be Profitable!

Their comprehensive online and offline marketing plans will feature unique strategies, stunning messaging, dynamic design, the latest marketing technology, viral-style videos, social media optimization, seo, PPC, ongoing updates, effective ad campaigns, and more!


The University of Tampa


This is where Devin got his start that propelled him to great accomplishments.  Taking what was learned in school and on the streets, while in college he grew his business to a 7-figure company. Devin discovered that the secret to raising top line sales and bottom line profits is a combination of planning and implementing consistent marketing AND being utterly unique and outrageous.

Episode 3 | Event Domination – How to Dominate Your Next Event

Episode 2 | Business Branding

Episode 1 | Online Reviews


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    Attorney Marketing: Are You Effectively Capturing Leads?

    When the average person is seeking an attorney, they have an urgent matter at hand. Nearly all contact with an attorney is considered a time sensitive matter to the client. From a car accident, newly received divorce paperwork, or pending legal trouble when a client contacts a law office, they are actively seeking your services – and quickly. No doubt many of your leads come via word of mouth and referrals. However, you could be sleeping on a golden opportunity to capitalize on warm leads. When a potential client reaches out to your firm, whether it be through an online interaction or a phone call, your staff needs to be ready.

    While communicating online has become a cornerstone in marketing in recent years, having a solid lead conversion strategy in place when warm leads call is vital. Consider yourself on the other end of the scenario presented at the beginning of this blog. Would you leave a voicemail? Or would you continue to call competitors until you spoke with someone about

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    Event Domination – How to Dominate Your Next Event

    For those of you that do tradeshows or events: this video is for you! Everyone knows that purchasing vendor space or sponsorships can be expensive. The question then becomes – how are you going to capitalize on it and make sure you get a positive return on investment? In this episode, Devin Herz, Chief Creative Consultant with DMC, shares a wealth of insight on how you can dominate your next event, including the biggest oversight most business owners make when attending an event, and how you can generate overwhelming success. It’s not rocket science BUT it does take careful planning and strategic effort in order to walk away feeling like it was time well spent in gaining the exposure your business craves.

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    Empower Your Employees with Internal Marketing Systems

    Understanding the Importance of Internal Marketing

    Internal marketing is an essential and commonly overlooked part of effective marketing. The internal aspect refers to the marketing relationship a business has with its employees. While focusing on external marketing is vital for raising brand awareness and creating revenue, internal marketing seeks to meet and provide for the needs of employees.  Marketing to your internal “customers” is an important aspect of promoting effective growth within a company.

    Regardless of an employee’s job title, they likely rely upon other employees, teams, as well as the company, for information and support. There are countless benefits to be seen from improving the communication among your workers! The importance of each employee understanding the company’s direction, values, and vision cannot be overstated. This level of connectivity breeds a positive company culture and feelings of inclusion while encouraging your empl

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    How to Attract Potential Clients’ Attention – and Keep It!

    How to Attract Potential Clients’ Attention – and Keep It!

    Did you know, Americans are bombarded with an average of 4,000 advertisements a day? With all that competition for customers, how can your business even begin to stand out? By getting clear on the value your business provides, making the most of your social media presence and strategically using lead magnets, your business can effectively attract potential clients’ attention – and keep it!

    Focusing on the Value Your Business Provides

    A core principle in marketing is understanding your value. What motivates customers to convert and buy into your product or service? With this in mind, your marketing should focus on the problems you solve and how you’ll make your clients’ lives better. Your marketing campaigns should be aligned, from your business

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    Marketing your business is universally regarded as an essential way to reach your desired customer or client. Companies will schedule brainstorm meetings, and most will leave with a strong list of ways to improve marketing efforts – but fall short on the follow through. This isn’t for lack of trying! It can be discouraging to try something new and find it didn’t work as well as you had hoped. Another common pitfall to consistent marketing is knowing what it is you need to do to elevate your marketing to get better results but finding it too challenging to maintain. Read on learn why consistency is essential in your marketing, which areas of your marketing to focus on, and how to maintain consistent marketing for your business!

    Consistency is Key

    Constant marketing affects us in ways we may not readily identify. A recent Forbes article found reliable marketing “creates a pattern everyone can come to expect, and they develop a subconscious comfort level whe

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