February 14, 2017

Valentine’s Day is for Lovers AND Marketers

For many, Valentine’s Day is an important date. For those in relationships, it’s fun to have a day of the year that’s just about the two of you. It’s a time to rekindle the fires and remember what really made you fall for each other.

For those who are single, it might be bittersweet, as you realize what you’re missing, gain a little motivation to find someone special, or perhaps to reassess and realize that perhaps someone has been there all along.

And for marketers, Valentine’s Day is another great opportunity to increase sales of your products and services!

Here are 4 Great Marketing Messages for Valentine’s Day

Marketing Message #1: Overcoming a Fear of Loneliness

Valentine’s Day can elicit strong emotions in people, and as marketers we are always in search of an emotional pull. At first glance, this might seem cruel or harsh, especially as it relates to the headline above, but what we’re doing as marketers is anything but cruel.

Marketing is all about giving people what they want.

Here’s an example: Many people are afraid of being alone. But people don’t want to be afraid of being alone; they want a solution to their fear. As marketers, we have the opportunity to offer them solutions.

Depending upon what we have to sell, we create solutions to the perceived problem: whether it’s a lifestyle improvement, a product to improve their appearance, an event to get them out to meet others, a service to help them change their lives, or some other solution that will provide some type of possibility to help solve the perceived problem – fear of loneliness.


Marketing Message #2: Looking for Something New

Valentine’s Day provides an opportunity for people to reflect on their lives; specifically, their love lives. Sometimes this results in their wanting to try something new, or to rekindle lost desires.

As a marketer, this presents an opportunity. We must find a way to help them out of the rut they are in or to re-ignite that spark. And this opportunity can come from whatever product or service you have to market.

For instance: Perhaps your job is to sell cars. You might not think that a new car has anything to do with romance, but you’re missing an important opportunity!

Think of it this way … A car sets you free. A car can transport you to a different world, away from your stresses. It could be the gateway to a romantic weekend, a weekend of adventure, the gift of a lifetime, the key to fixing a long distance relationship, or a single guy’s ride into the city where he can practice his pick-up lines.

All of these possibilities are currents into which you can easily tap during the Valentine’s Day season.


Marketing Message #3: Feathering the Nest

Valentine’s Day can also be a celebration for the future. Couples often use Valentine’s Day as the time to embark on what will be a permanent commitment. How often do we hear of the couples who fly to Paris and pop the Big Question over Valentine’s Day weekend?  

This is another powerful channel into which marketers can tap, whether you’re selling travel adventures, jewelry, furniture, or fire pits. Valentine’s Day is the beginning of something new and wonderful!


Marketing Message #4: Providing Security, Comfort, and Commitment

All of these have to do with different aspects of Valentine’s Day, but what about products that indirectly give you a chance to enjoy the night out with your loved one?

Nearly any product can have an indirect effect on a successful holiday experience. Marketing washers and dryers? They’re a perfect way to get the work done faster and more easily, so there’s more time to be together. What about a money management tool? Well, how else will you pay for that Valentine’s dinner and bouquet of red roses if you aren’t planning ahead and budgeting it in?

Like every holiday, Valentine’s Day offers endless possibilities for broadcasting your message in a positive way to a broad range of customers. Use your imagination to take advantage of the opportunities. Or pick our brain if you just can’t come up with a great way to add the lover’s holiday into your marketing strategy. We can deliver a winning idea. Guaranteed.

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