March 20, 2016


Congratulations, this could be your lucky day! Because now you don’t need the “luck of the Irish” to get your marketing materials past the gatekeeper and into the hands of decision makers.

We’d like to present a game-changing, jaw-dropping marketing solution that will instantly grab the attention of your clients and prospects. It’s called “PrintAVizion.”

PrintAVizion opens new doors of opportunity for you, because prospective clients will be blown away by the awe-inspiring video in print, and you’ll instantly get more leads and sales.

Four Reasons Why PrintAVizion Could Be Your Lucky Charm

Reason #1: A Brilliant Way to Capture Attention — From the outside it looks like a regular hardbound book, but inside is a built-in LCD screen available in 2”, 4”, 7”, 10”, or custom-sizes depending on your needs …

Reason #2: Easily Customizable for Your Business — All Video-In-Print Solutions are USB driven, so you can upload your own personalized videos to your target, explain your services, and why they should use you …

Reason #3: The Best Way to Get Past the Gatekeeper —I f you’re trying to reach the decision makers and top-level CEOs, this is the best solution around! In this one book, you’ll grab attention like nothing else, it will be the coolest marketing message they’ve ever seen, and you’ll easily get your company in front of the CEO.

Reason #4: DMC Can Do It All for You — Give us your video and we’ll do design, copywriting, and production, not to mention a full marketing campaign to go along with the book from conception to implementation! We’ve been using these for over a decade- so we know what works when it comes to video in print.

Responses from PrintAVizion uers:

“We used VideoBooks to sell season tickets and private suite seating for professional sporting events at the American Airlines Center sports arena in Dallas” — M. Cuban, Owner of Dallas Mavericks

“We would not have had this great success in our company without these personalized video books. We sent a VideoBook to 100 Dentists and got 8 clients for an average of $5,000 each—An extra $40,000 from one mailing!” — J. Nicholas, GKIC Marketer of the Year 2013

“Devin Herz is a marketing genius, and he’s developed the coolest, most amazing, state of the art, attention grabber out there!”  —K. White, Journalist and TV News Anchor

Don’t wait another minute, if you are looking to close more deals and make an immediate impact, it’s time to implement this amazing tool! I look forward to discussing your goals.

How to get started with PrintAVizion:

Our Video-In-Print Solutions will bring you more leads and sales, no matter what industry you’re in … If you have any questions, please contact us or go to ourvirtual calendar and set up a time to talk.

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