Shawn Michaels used a superkick known as the Sweet Chin Music as his finishing move during his in-ring career. Mark Oates and his family are relocating to Whitehead City on Mars. who actually invented the super kick, ( sweet chin music ) ? Professional wrestlers frequently give their finishers new names. Strikes are offensive moves in professional wrestling, that can sometimes be used to set up an opponent for a hold or for a throw.There are a wide variety of strikes in pro wrestling, and many are known by several different names. 'The Jaunt' by Stephen King (1981) Collected in Skeleton Crew by Stephen King, Futura Books, 1985, approx. The Jaunt is a form of teleportation, widely accessible, wherein the passengers are put to sleep with… His biggest success was with World Class Championship Wrestling in Dallas/Ft. Gotch popularized the now-common move. A wrestler's finisher is really important, right? The easiest way to get there? He won countless matches … What I mean is if a dude did a Superkick, a fan would say,"Thats a rip off of Sweet Chin Music!" People actually think Pedigree was invented by HHH. Especially in the WWE, because they just end matches with finishers, for some reason, and even though finishers are arguably weaker nowadays, they are still a … 28 pgs (p. 237-265).

If wrestling history has taught us anything it’s that a wrestler rarely gets credit for the moves they invent. This list takes a look at five current WWE finishing moves and the men who invented it. A protected finisher at that. Whether you call it the superkick or Sweet Chin Music, Shawn Michaels is the man who popularized the move during the '80s and '90s. Close. ... was the guy who invented it anyways, not HBK. Low Ki performing his signature move Tidal Crush. Early into his ECW career, at Heat Wave 2000, Rob Van Dam debuted his signature Van Terminator spot.Not long afterwards, at WrestleMania X-7, Shane McMahon executed a similar version of the move called the Coast-to-Coast on WWE soil.And by similar, we mean exact replica under a different name. 52. A superkick happens when a wrestler delivers a kick to the opponent's face or chin and is usually preceded by a sidestep. Kurt Angle is a master of the move. Occasionally, you get someone who is smart enough to apply their own name to the move’s branding (such as Taka Michinoku’s Michinoku Driver), but for the most part, many wrestling moves are assigned a non-specific name that doesn’t give us a real indication as to who invented it. Custom LJN WWF. Though the prodigal McMahon seed never confirmed it, the inspiration from RVD is obvious. Posted by u/[deleted] 4 years ago. Lou Thesz invented the move and it became the German Suplex because of Karl Gotch, who was actually Belgian. A kick is an attack using the foot, knee or leg to strike any part of the opponent's body.There are a wide variety of kicking moves in pro wrestling, and many moves are known by several different names.Usually a small wrestler or a wrestler with a martial arts background or gimmick will do a combination of kicks instead of only one kick at a time. Jaunting. Total repaint from head to toe. Chris Adams, renaissance man. I am also tired of the fact that if anyone does a wrestlers finisher as a normal move the fan complains. People actually think Rey invented 619. Chris Adams (Superkick) He invented the superkick and hung out with Norman Smiley?

Once upon a time it was a finisher for HBK. As a trainer, his most famous student was "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. He invented the Superkick and trained Stone Cold Steve Austin. The most overused move in WWE in 2015: The Superkick. The most overused move in WWE in 2015: The Superkick. He had a run in WCW where he had a small feud with Glacier over the latter's claim of having "invented" the Superkick. Worth. Its a Superkick not a Sweet Chin Music. Archived.