Jamie Marchi, left, and Monica Rial are the two voice actors whom Vic Mignogna filed a April lawsuit against. Vic Mignogna No Longer a Member of RWBY Cast ... Rooster Teeth's statement comes in the wake of allegations leveled against voice actor Vic Mignogna last month. Gotta say, Monica Rial's claims about why she is going again Vic Mignogna seem rather fishy, based on her thread here. As a reminder, Vic Mignogna originally sued these Defendants for defamation, conspiracy, and tortious interference. Monica Rial reinforces her claim that she does not want to “ruin Vic’s life.” She notes that she does not know “how or if it’s damaged” but knows that she “participated” in this effect upon his life. Voice actor Vic Mignogna filed a lawsuit against the anime distributor Funimation, voice actresses Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial, and Rial's fiancé … How did State District Judge Chupp come to his conclusion? Not sure if it was the same person, but some rando threw an @ on the female voice actor mentioned in the thread, stating that she was just as bad, and her immediate reply was that she had screenshotted it and it was going to her attorney. Anime voice actor Vic Mignogna has filed a million-dollar lawsuit against Funimation and industry colleagues Monica Rial, Jamie Marchi, and Ronald Toye in … Monica Rial Wants MORE Money From Vic Mignogna (Update) Posted on 3 months ago 2 months ago by Anime Motivation Vic Mignogna’s sexual allegations case is still ongoing. What will Plaintiff Vic Mignogna and the Defendant’s Monica Rial, Ron Toye, Jamie Marchi, and their employer FUNimation do next?

56-year-old ... Monica Rial … On Friday, Judge John Chupp dismissed the remaining claims against Rial; he … I saw some shit like this the other day in a twitter thread on Vic.