Victoria Climbie, like Maria Colwell, became famous because of the terrible way in which she died. This Command Paper was laid before Parliament by … public inquiry room, has been home to the Victoria Climbie‚ Inquiry for five months. The murder of eight-year-old Victoria Climbie in February 2000 exposed serious failings by the child protection services and staff responsible for her welfare. As Ms Mairs admitted to the inquiry, the two of them spent perhaps five minutes on Victoria Climbie - the little girl who was, at that moment, trussed up like a … Social workers failed to visit the flat where Victoria was abused The ramp into the shopping centre, made famous by protesting Nation of Islam members in 1998, has been featured on news bulletins around the country once more as Victoria’s parents, her … This document contains the following information: The Victoria Climbie Inquiry: report of an inquiry by Lord Laming. Victoria had been burnt with cigarettes, tied up for periods of longer than 24 hours, and hit with bike chains, hammers and wires. The murder of eight-year-old Victoria Climbié in February 2000 prompted the most extensive inquiry into the failings of the child protection system in British history.