I mean of course he is strongest of all The Avengers but he's not the smartest. This thread is archived. During the battle on Titan in Avengers: Infinity War, there are two key moments.

That's all on top of his imposing physical strength, incredible fighting skills and sadistically keen mind. Thanos without the gauntlet isn't going to sit there and wait around to defend like he did with the gauntlet.

He uses the dimension's power as a weapon, utilizing it to constantly kill Doctor Strange … Thanos is amazing, but so is Classic Strange!

Before this, he was known for a thick golden armour that effectively protected him. Strange told that Thanos can wield the power of gauntlet only if he clench his fist. My question is, could Doctor Strange have used that strategy against Thanos when they were trying to remove the gauntlet from his hand?

You have to be very smart when it comes to THANOS cos he is cursed with knowledge. Could the Sorcerer Supreme take down the Mad Titan in a solo random one-on-one encounter?

Archived. 55 comments. Everyone thinks they're used to pain until they experience a completely new form of it, like having your testicles shredded for an eternity.

Strange also doesn't have 5+ other people distracting Thanos for him. share. Fortunately for Thanos though, the Gauntlet puts them on a much more equal playing field.

Once he takes this off, however, it's a show of power that makes it clear that he feels like he is untouchable.

Could he have just closed a portal on Thanos’ arm/wrist to effectively take the gauntlet away from him? Thanos ended up relying on brute strength to take out strange. Round 3: Onslaught has Infinity Gauntlet.

Read Warlocks solo, Infinity Watch or Thanos.

This wont be a stomp he WILL give doom some trouble but I still think doom will prevail. Someone might argue for Warlock takes Stranges soul with the SG but I disagree. Could he have just closed a portal on Thanos’ arm/wrist to effectively take the gauntlet away from him?

If Strange can run away or BFR Thanos he can avoid getting Loki'd.

15 comments. I know Dr Strange had that one line where he said "i'm used to pain", implying that he wouldn't give up even with torture, but that seemed like a half-assed justification tbh. Even without the Infinity Gauntlet, comic book Thanos always displays an impressive set of abilities.

I think this would be a compelling fight, not a curb stomp.

Like in the city fight where that dude's arm was cut? save hide report. Adam Warlock (reborn/current) vs. Then how could a snap do the thing?
Dormammu should stomp Wanda, Vision, and Iron man are overrated trash who got canonically destroyed by a jobbing Thanos without stones. -No prep. Then how could a snap do the thing? Both are at base equipment. But I wondered, when they fought Thanos and tried to pull off the gauntlet, why didn't Strange just create and close a portal around Thanos' arm?

Bonus: Three-way fight with Galactus over the last cup of Ovaltine (also signed by Tom Brady) in the universe.

Strange. The fact that Strange actually saved Adams life when they were fighting the Thanosis. Onslaught (Marvel) vs Thanos (Marvel) Both 616 versions. Or are there certain things about Thanos that would counter that strategy? All are fight to the death.

In Endgame we see Scarlet Witch literally almost KILL Thanos until he called his airship to destroy the battlefield to save his life.

Remember that one episode of PPG where Mojo gets the Girls powers and he's able to take on all three of them at once?

Setting- -Battle t

8 years ago I'm using that Mojo. share. Without the aide of the Infinity Gauntlet, Dr. Manhattan could easily take Thanos down.