He strikes up a friendship with them through the simple means of leaving presents in the knothole of his tree.The children why nathan radley filling hole tree cement do not know who the gifts are from at first, but Boo keeps leaving them. im new here, and as a certified arborist i thought id chime in here. When Jem runs out to put the note inside the tree, he discovers that the knothole has been filled in with cement. who filled the hole in the tree and why? - He wants to stop Boo from … Now the best method of … The material that you fill the tree hole with will not react to the weather in the same way the tree wood will. In the Knothole of a Tree. Why do you think Mr. Nathan filled in a knothole in a healthy tree? In reality, it weakened the tree as the cement was unable to flex with it. Who filled the knothole in the tree with cement? A. to protect the tree from getting infested with insects B. to keep the children from tripping over its roots C. so it won t fill up with rainwater and rot the tree D. so Boo cannot leave presents for the children jem and scout found a tin box in the hole of a tree, who put it there? He claimed it was dying. The thought was the cement would make the tree stronger. After writing the letter, Jem goes to leave the note in the knothole of the tree the following morning, only to find out that it has been filled in with cement. What does Atticus tell Jem about the tree? Nathan Radley fills the Knothole with cement because he knows that Aurthur is the one giving Jem and socut the gifts, and he uses this as a way to prevent it. When Jem and Scout find the knothole filled with cement, what explanation does Nathan Radley give? In the past, tree cavities were simply filled with cement in an effort to block up the wound. When they go to the tree on their way to school to do so, the tree's knothole has been filled in. Why was the knothole filled with cement? In addition, Atticus tells Jem that the tree was not sick. b)so it wont fill up with rainwater and rot the tree. a)to protect the tree from getting invested with insects. The material you use will expand and contract at a different rate, which will either cause more damage to the tree or can create gaps where water (which leads to more rot) and disease can get trapped. Because cement does not bond with wood, …

In the past, arborists would patch holes in trees with concrete or cement. Asked by dahlia r #205605 on 10/12/2011 12:18 AM However, Atticus looked at the tree and it looked healthy, according to Atticus. filling cavities is generally discouraged nowadays. Why was the knothole filled in with cement? pulling out the rotted wood and scraping down to sound wood will allow the cavity to dry out and thus discourage rot. - Mr. Nathan fills in the hole with cement, claiming the tree is dying. Nathan Radley filled the knothole in the tree. D. Atticus . He is trying to save it. August 5, 2015 by Ashley Hackshaw. I really do not believe that Mr. Radley is telling the truth when he says that he did it because the tree was sick. Filed Under: Found Objects, Writing. B. Boo Radley.


the best thing you could do is what dale suggested, but omit the concrete. Sheriff Tate. Renovating a 1960s ranch house and an old train depot. hello. Every time the wind blew, the cement would press against the tree. Home To Kill a Mockingbird Q & A Who filled the knothole in the t... To Kill a Mockingbird Who filled the knothole in the tree with cement? Nathan Radley, Boo Radley's brother filled the knothole with cement. About Ashley Hackshaw. The little trinkets are his way of connecting with them. To Kill a Mockingbird Nathan Radley says the tree was dying and Atticus said the tree … d)to keep the children from tripping over it's roots. There would be no more surprises in the tree because Mr. Nathan Radley had filled up the knothole with cement. When Jem and Scout asked Mr. Radley why he filled up the knothole, he said the tree was sick. c)so Boo (Arthur)cannot leave presents for the children to discover.

A. Nathan Radley B. Boo Radley C. Sheriff Tate D. Atticus When Nathan Radley fills the knot hole in the tree with cement, he says that it is because the tree is sick. ... And then there were no more gifts…the hole in the tree was filled up with cement.

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