Then you can slice and fry it up when it has thawed. More Tips for Making the Best Ham Buy the best meat you can afford. When you say it is raw, then it's a leg of pork up here. however you can find picnic shoulders at Walmart for 12-16 bucks, the have a red and White AVA sticker on them, I used these the first time I tried curing my own ham, and they came great and tasted the same, the meat is a tad tougher (at least it was to me) the second time i let it cure an extra day it was perfect,
Cook a bone-in ham… There are many different ways to bake a smoked ham and it is … We like to order from a local butcher shop rather than grabbing a mass-produced grocery store ham. The flavor and texture tend to be more robust and meatier. Uncured hams from butchers can be a tad pricey. Deederba, I am a little confused with your question, maybe because of terminology, but a ham in netting is a leg of cured ham. Here’s how to get the best deal at the butcher. Choose a ham to bake. From there, you’ll have to pull the ham to thaw before cooking. There are two ways to cure a ham—wet or dry. The instructions from the ham … We can cook you a ham, and you can glaze it yourself at home, or you can buy a glazed ham from us, all sticky and ready to go. Dry-cured hams are rubbed with a mixture of salt, sodium nitrite, and/or sodium nitrate. How to EASILY Cook a Country Ham (and Make It Turn Out AWESOME).

Since smoked, or cured, by definition, means a meat has already gone through a cooking process, baking an already smoked ham is really no more than deciding what additional flavors the cook wishes to add to complement the ham prior to baking. Hams are made by curing the butt or some other part of a pig. : Instructions for cooking country hams are usually two ways:Bake at 500F for 15 minutes, let sit for 2hours, bake at 500F for 15 minutes and let sit for 6 hours.-or-Boil the ham on the stove.Both SUCK. For this article I chose a wet-cured, bone-in ham. So as you can tell curing a ham is a long process, but it is one that most anyone can do if they desire to know how to cure ham.
They are then aged dry and sometimes smoked.