First Church is a traditional Methodist congregation in Pennsylvania that is exploring how to have expressions that are both … Tenebrae. Through word and deed Jesus showed us how to love God and to … Maundy Thursday Pot-Luck Liturgy is meant to be shared around food. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be in a church building. Another ancient and increasingly popular tradition is the service of tenebrae— especially effective as a Maundy Thursday service in those churches that hold no separate Good Friday service. The service usually involves Scripture reading, song, and the gradual extinguishing of candles.

Maundy Thursday, the remembrance of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet at the last supper may be the most embodied moment of Holy Week. Below is suited for a sanctuary or chapel. Welcome to this Maundy Thursday celebration.

The Last Supper was Christ’s observance of the Seder—the Passover Eve Service.

On this night we remember and celebrate the final supper Jesus shared with his disciples in the context of the Passover, when the people of Israel observed their liberation from Egypt. At that service, he reviewed his teachings, answered their questions, challenged them, washed their feet to remind them of their calling to be servants, gave them the … Maundy Thursday Liturgist: Jesus spent his life teaching us the meaning of love. It might be the most embodied moment on the church calendar. Maundy Thursday is the day on which we remember the last meal Jesus shared with his disciples.