The Portuguese health insurance system can be complicated, but it has improved considerably in recent years. Of the 89 countries surveyed, Taiwan’s healthcare comes in 1st place on the list scoring a 78.72 out of 100 on the Health Care Index. Medical tourism is a growing industry in this country. If you are taken to hospital, your public health insurance kicks in once you are charged more than €10 a day, covering inpatient care with the doctor on duty at your nearest hospital. 2 1. Portuguese healthcare scored highest in terms of patient rights and information, accessibility and waiting times, as well as overall health outcomes. Europe has 5 of the top 10 countries ranked by their healthcare systems. At the opposite end of the spectrum, with a score of 33.42, Venezuela top the list of the countries with the worst health care systems for 2019. Three additional Asian nations were among the top 10 in 2019: South Korea (second place), Japan (third), and Thailand (sixth). 46.1. Health care in Portugal is international-standard.
Most other countries in Europe have excellent health care for their citizens. Introduction Performance of health systems has been a major concern of policy makers for many years. However, those who are not in employment, dependent family members, or retirees don’t have to make contributions. Overall Score. Data Shows ‘Weak’ Global Health Security. The 25 Best Countries in the World.

If you live and work in Portugal and contribute to social security, you will typically be entitled to state healthcare.. If you are planning to move to Portugal to work, to live or retire it is important that you are familiar with the Portuguese health care system. Health care costs per head in Portugal are lower than average in the European Union (EU) and the country spends a relatively small percentage of its GDP on health, although this has improved in recent years (7.8 per cent in 2000, higher than Britain). Portugal’s SNS national health system has been ranked the 13th best system in Europe.

What Country Has The Best Healthcare System In Europe.
The best healthcare systems in Europe are offered by France, Italy, Malta, Spain, and Austria. Total population (2016) 10,372,000: Gross national income per capita (PPP international $, 2013) 25,360: Life expectancy at birth m/f (years, 2016) 78/84 Many countries have recently introduced reforms in the health sector with the explicit aim of improving performance (1,2). Most of the Portuguese doctors can speak English well, and there are also foreign doctors present, especially in those popular tourist destinations. Portugal. Category Rank Score #25 out of 80 in 2019. Among the matters that need addressing are waiting times and hospital infections. Additionally, you do not have to worry especially if you have problems speaking the local language. Portugal has an average life expectancy of 81 years. According to the ranking of European health systems, released last night, Portugal gave “a strong performance” in 2018 but still has some issues to iron out.