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Voting info. BLOOMBERG, MICHAEL R: PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Statewide: Democratic: NEW YORK : Petition: BUTTIGIEG, PETER: PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Statewide View election results and interactive map for the 2020 Pennsylvania primary as the United States begins the process to elect the next president. 14% of Pennsylvania voters are registered as unaffiliated or "other". A woman walks out of a booth after voting in the Virginia Democratic primary at the Hillsboro Old Stone School in Hillsboro, Va. on March 3, 2020. PA political parties. Updated June 5, 2020, 11:45 AM ET. PA primary and election races. The 2020 U.S. House of Representatives elections in Pennsylvania will take place on November 3, 2020.Voters will elect 18 candidates to serve in the U.S. House, one from each of the state's 18 congressional districts.To see a full list of candidates in the Democratic primary in each district, click "Show more" below. Credit: Brandon Li On Tuesday, Penn Democrats announced their first round of congressional endorsements for the Pennsylvania Democratic primary on April 28.. The 2020 Pennsylvania Democratic primary was originally scheduled to take place on April 28, 2020, as one of several northeastern states in the "Acela primary" voting on the same date in the Democratic Party presidential primaries for the 2020 presidential election.Concerns about the coronavirus pandemic postponed it to June 2.

Then the Democratic contest for president effectively ended, with Joe Biden’s victory all but assured. RealClearPolitics - Election 2020 - Pennsylvania Democratic Presidential Primary The current 2020 presidential primary results, calendar, delegates and nominees. PA state election office. The group's executive board voted unanimously to endorse five candidates to represent Pennsylvania in the United States House of Representatives: Dwight Evans (PA-03), Madeleine Dean (PA-04), Mary Gay Scanlon (PA-05), Conor Lamb (PA … First the primary was shifted five weeks forward from April 28 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Live-updating results and maps for the 2020 Pennsylvania Democratic primary. Democratic and Republican primary schedule and tracker of the Democratic presidential vote. Voters have the option to vote by mail-in ballot rather than going to their polling place on election day.

Democratic Presidential primary: closed; Republican Presidential primary: closed Primary Type Definitions Registration: Voters may or may not choose to affiliate with a political party, however, affiliation with a party is required to vote in primary elections.

On March 27, Governor Wolf signed Senate Bill 422, which reschedules Pennsylvania’s primary election from April 28 to June 2 due to the COVID-19 emergency. Almost two million Pennsylvanians have requested mail-in ballots.

Track the important calendar dates, the candidates, and race results for the 2020 Presidential Election primaries for all states and U.S. territories.

Surging Democratic front-runner Bernie Sanders is leading the party’s primary contests in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, a new poll finds, while President Donald Trump is running neck-and-neck with almost all of the Democratic contenders in those critical battleground states. Live Results Live Analysis National Map Delegate Count. Pennsylvania voters will see President Donald Trump, Republican challengers Bill Weld and Roque De La Fuente and eight Democratic candidates on the ballot in the April 28 primary.