Taste a small amount of the milk if you are really not sure, though it is not advised to ingest spoiled milk. ; Drain the oats and rinse them. As oat milk has become more popular, many companies have also come out with flavored versions, so be on the lookout for those. Smell the oat milk to check for a sour scent. That’s a considerable leap, even for a product that didn’t have much buzz preceding those years. In some countries you can buy it almost everywhere (like in Sweden) and in some it’s still difficult to find a good alternative in stores (like here in Netherlands).

Strain the milk using a cheesecloth, a strainer, a napkin or a nut milk bag (photos 3 and 4). It may be tempting to stir nuts and fruit into the oats before you go to bed to make it extra easy on yourself in the morning, but try to hold back. ; Add the oats, 4 cups of clean water (1 liter) and all the remaining ingredients to a blender (photo 1) and blend until smooth (photo 2).
Each milk drink was assigned a number: 1. organic whole milk, 2. lactose-free 2% milk, 3. organic 1% milk, 4. skim milk, 5. soy milk, 6. almond milk, and 7. oat milk. Oat milk has deservedly risen to fame in coffee shops over the past few years, and for a good reason: Its thick texture makes it the best option for vegan cappuccinos, hands down. 4.

(Oatly, in particular, doesn’t include genetically modified organisms.) ; Pro tips.
You will detect a sour or foul taste if the milk is spoiled; you should not have to drink very much to determine if the milk is good or bad. Oat milk doesn’t contain dairy, nuts, gluten (when made with gluten-free oats), or soy. Open the container of oat milk and smell it—if it smells slightly acidic or not fresh, it might have gone bad. Milked Oats: Use within seven days: Minor Figures: Oat M*lk: Use within 7 days: Oatly: Oatmilk: Use within 7 days: Pacific Foods : Oat Beverage: N/A: Planet Oat: Oat Milk: N/A: Even though the companies are quoted to consume the opened carton of oat milk within a week of opening, we’ve found that the oat milk stays for beyond that range.

Soak the oats in water for at least 30 minutes.

Otherwise, you may accidentally go home with pumpkin-spiced oat milk, which might be great in your coffee but not so much in a bowl of soup. Taste: Apparently, lots of people feel that oat milk reminds them of milk more than other alt milks. But how do you do it if you want to drop the milk products such as sour-, double cream or butter that you normally maybe would add? 1. Just like the oats, anything you add to the liquid is going to soak and soften so you’ll be left with chewy nuts and mushy fruit. As someone who doesn't like milk, that isn't a plus - but, more critically, maybe I have wonky taste buds, but I can tell you with full certainty that oat milk tastes like oat-flavored water. When oat milk is way past its expiration date, it gives off a strong sour smell that's easily distinguishable from its normal smell. According to a study published on Refinery29, oat milk sales grew 425 percent from 2017 to 2018. You make your own homemade oat cream! When they're lined up, we were able to see the differences in color. It froths up like no other milk alternative on the market right now.