A moral problem may be similarly defined, that is, as a moral matter or issue that is difficult to deal with, solve or overcome and which stands in need of a (moral) solution. What’s right is what conforms to laws, ethical principles, standards, codes, policies, and protocols.

The resulting analysis is located in a wider context of moral psychology and ethical theory; in particular with respect to work on the virtues of care, empathy and other forms of affective engagement. What’s legal is what conforms to laws. That is what makes it unpredictable on an individual basis. Indifference is sometimes said to be a … Indifference definition is - the quality, state, or fact of being indifferent. Individuals are as capable of great acts of selflessness and courage as they are of apathy and cowardice.

Wiesel knew all to well the dangers of moral indifference; this concept that we can know that something is terribly wrong yet we say or do nothing—or the idea of cheap grace, in which we count on someone else to take care of these problems. Unless dealt with, a moral dilemma leads to moral indifference: an abhorrent state for the healthcare professional and a frightening situation for the patient.

One type of moral hazard is ex-ante.

Moral hazard is the idea that insurance promotes risk-taking for personal gain. The Roe v.

But what’s good is quite another thing. During the course of this discussion, a number of recent claims associated with the ethics of care and empathy are shown to be either misleading or implausible. How to use indifference in a sentence. A spirit of moral rebellion undermined the integrity of marriage and the family. Moral indifference is more the absence of a consistent tendency to do what is right than it is premeditated callousness. A spirit opposed to all authority suffused the culture with a rebellion against any law that would inhibit personal choice, personal convenience, or personal fulfillment.

Moral indifference is when someone could simply care less about something that they should care about. Nurses at all levels and in all areas of practice encounter moral problems during the course of their everyday professional practice.