Not surprisingly, this study garnered considerable media attention. Soy or whey are the main ingredients in most formulas and 90% of the soy, corn, sugar and wheat that is produced in the United States is GMO (genetically modified organism) and sprayed with the herbicide Roundup which may be associated with adverse effects on one’s health. It is fed to infants as a supplement or replacement for human milk or cow milk formula | Learn about soy infant formula, how it affects infants, and how safe an NTP expert panel deemed soy formula The researchers particularly compared infants fed with soy formula to those fed with cow-milk formula and breastfed infants. Contributing to this controversy are the results of an epidemiologic study by Adgent et al. Nestle - the Infant Formula Controversy .

The controversy over formula did not boil over until the publication in 1974 of a journalistic expose, ''The Baby Killer,'' by War on Want, a London organization. However, a subsequently published study not involving SIF should give considerable pause about drawing any long-term … 1. 'The Baby Killer' blew the lid off the formula industry in 1974. Soy formula is an infant food made using soy protein and other components. Yet infant formula remains a $11.5-billion-and-growing market. 4 published earlier this year which suggest that soy infant formula may exert modest estrogenic effects in infant girls (not boys). Of 410 infant-mother pairs enrolled, 283 … Situation Analysis For more than 20 years, Nestle Alimentana of Vevey Switzerland, one of the world’s largest food-processing companies, has been the focus of an international boycott involving the death of Third World Infants as a result of their unethical advertising, marketing and sale of infant feeding formula to incapable mothers.