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There isn't some unstoppable hack you can use to beat them. Here's what you'll need to do to take on Zelda 's Lynel. Zelda: Breath of the Wild Lynel: How to beat the mini-boss Taking on the centaur-like boss is no easy feat, but not impossible. Lynels appear in five different variations in Breath of the Wild, including the standard red-maned Lynels, Blue-Maned Lynels, White-Maned Lynels, Silver Lynels, and the Master Mode exclusive Golden Lynels.With the exception of the Lynel on Ploymus Mountain, after spotting Link, a Lynel will often refrain from attacking for a short period of time and instead stare him down. Zeldameister 3 years ago #1. Lunisequious Solivagant’s fight against a Lynel is a little more conventional, except for the fact that it lasts a total of 20 seconds.

User Info: Zeldameister. At first I thought that the Silver Lynel in the Colosseum would rip Link into pieces, but I've found a way to turn things around and to defeat even this guy very quick. If you want to know how to defeat the Lynel because you're looking for a challenge or you need to kill it I'd recommend the following things: Have a shield equipped You don't need to use a one handed weapon but having a shield can be extremely useful since it blocks all the damage in a risky situation. You're going to need to deploy some skill. Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Lynel is one of the game's tougher enemies. White-Maned Lynel: (HP 4000) Drop Lynel Horn, Lynel Hoof, Lynel Guts Silver Lynel : (HP 6000): Drops Lynel Horn, Lynel Hoof, Lynel Guts, Amber, Opal, Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond The most common attacks a Lynel uses are melee-based, like sideways-sweeps, overhead blows, spinning attacks, as well as bull-rushes, where a Lynel will charge Link to knock him off his feet.