Turning to the man standing next to him, he said, "I hope I'm half the father to Maddy that you've been to me." It … Aaron cautioned with a faint smile. While this is a … Dr. Lilliana Hotchner (neé Reid), nicknamed and often called "Lily", is a Supervisory Special Agent with the BAU. Happy reading. Aaron and Haley's oldest son (my OC) Zach, now married, a father and pro baseball player is ready for Spring Training 2020. Lucy Hotchner - A Criminal Minds Fanfiction bene Romance Short Stories September 20, 2018 Lucy Lillian Hotchner is SSA Aaron Hotchner's beloved daughter. *Warning* JJ and Reid are a couple.I made the photo myself on my new computer! Love and trust *criminal minds fanfic* Fanfiction. Court is dismissed."

Creator: DarkJediQueen Series Begun: 2014-12-29 Series Updated: 2015-05-17 Description: Divorced FBI agent Aaron Hotchner had known that he was a Sentinel since he was a child. After introducing himself as William's son, Mr. Jenkins informs the agents of William's whereabouts.

* Chapter 2 is up now, but this can be read as a stand-alone. Spencer argued. (Criminal Minds) Fanfiction. Spencer Reid has adopted a 14 year old girl, Jen. Henry Reid smiled as he stared through the glass of the nursery window at his newborn daughter. Summary: In which the Reader has a dark, painful secret that finally comes to light when she admits she needs help. XXXX. When Spencer and the team start to work on a case, they find out that the unsub is Jen's biological father. Sort by: Hot. "Spencer Reid, you are the father of Henry," the judge read. Hotch's chest tightened, and he had to tear his eyes away. Reid stared wide eyed, as did the entire team. Rossi suggested. Reid looked at JJ, who stared at her baby bump. "You're a great father, so it's hard to believe yours wasn't." Refine by tag: criminalminds spencerreid derekmorgan aaronhotchner emilyprentiss reid penelopegarcia davidrossi jenniferjareau bau matthewgraygubler spencer hotch jj criminal fbi minds morgan rossi prentiss.

Spencer Reid is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds, portrayed by Matthew Gray Gubler. "Easy, Reid, the kid was just born."

Criminal Minds forums. What SSA Dr. Spencer Reid suposse to do when he knows the truth and recieve this notice from the person who was the bigger love of her life? 1.2K Stories.

They left the station to see Mr. Jenkins. "Never too early to start." First is actual dad, then Gideon. Team X Reader. Reid smiled wryly.

It wasn't fair that Reid had lost so many father figures. Rings and Reality by rockhotch31 reviews. Henry Is My Son?
Wet Floors: Criminal Minds Imagine *Photo credits to the owner! She is married to Aaron Hotchner , her Unit Chief, whom she has a daughter with named Hope. Long Journey Series Metadata.
Video of Reid is Henry's father edit for fans of Criminal Minds JJ/Reid. He’d come online after the death of his father and had never looked back. Follow/Fav Henry Jacob Reid By: Canada Dakota Faith Haswari This is a story about Henry,JJ,and Reid.To me this is what if Reid and JJ were together but Will said he was the father?What if JJ the team finds out when JJ was in labor?Here is the answers my take.Rated T just for a kiss that is steamy between Reid and JJ. He was clearly angry that they thought William Reid was the killer. Matt Simmons (Criminal Minds) Spencer Reid; Luke Alvez (Criminal Minds) David Rossi; Henry LaMontagne; Michael LaMontagne; Serial Killers; Federal Bureau of Investigation; Behavioral Analysis Unit (Criminal Minds) Summary. 143K 3.4K 72.