We got to make a grand entrance right through the front gate and archway. Following up with a lack of solid sleep, I went to La Casa Rosada (the presidential palace) today for a free tour of the inside.

Casa Rosada or the Pink Palace in Buenos Aires. The Casa Rosada Museum hosts an array of exhibits and collections of objects belonging to the rulers of Argentina through the ages. Casa Rosada is located in a neighborhood of a Californian university town on the eight hundred block of Orchard Avenue. The reason it contains a measure of mystery is because very few people over the years since it was built in the 1800s have been permitted inside the complex. The good news: You can absolutely go there, no problem.

Comment by Gwenn on 19 Mar 2016 When we visited the park, we were told the picnic pavilions were free, but in reading your information it seems they are for rent. While it's not possible to go inside the presidential residence, you can and should visit Casa Rosada. I also find the “moto taxis” fun and convenient. 1) This is going to be a circle circuit, starting at Casa Rosada, which is an easy meeting point to find each other, and easy to connect to other tours. I can honestly say that it’s pretty unimpressive on the inside, and you can see paint chipping off the walls, drab colors, and over the top rooms designed to look like European castles. The Casa Rosada is on the east side of Plaza de Mayo, a short walk from Buenos Aires’ city center. The first building that will catch our sight is the Central Post Office, if you have some minutes its worth it to enter and see it from inside. I strongly suggest to pass by this place at night, because this building gets illuminated in a beautiful way with strong pink lights. An array of activities can be enjoyed on site or in the surroundings, including horse riding and hiking. Copan Ruinas is a small community, so you can walk safely the cobblestone streets anywhere in town or walk to the Maya Ruins on foot (1 kilometer from La Casa Rosada). Leandro N. Alem. During the weekends this place its open to visitors. Answer 1 of 12: Hello, I heard you may be able to tour the Casa Rosada, I was wondering if anyone happened to know what days/times these happen. It was a good experience, the visit was very complete. Our guide inside the Casa Rosada, was very friendly, professional and had very good English. Guarded by police and tall gates often flanked with protest signs, the Casa Rosada, or Pink House appears to be an impenetrable castle. On weekends, you can tour the building for free. The hotel features a 24 hour front desk, a concierge, and a rooftop terrace. The Casa Rosada or Casa de Gobierno is the main office of the Argentinian's president, located right in front of the Plaza de Mayo. Unlike America’s White House, the President doesn’t live inside the Casa Rosada. There are excellent restaurants, bars, museums and souvenir shops that are just a few blocks from La Casa Rosada. You’ll enjoy relaxing rooms that offer a flat screen TV, and you can stay connected during your stay as Casa Rosada Hotel offers guests free wifi. Heading to the National Bank, we’ll walk down the road byAv. We arrived a little early, found the line for our tour, and were chatting to pass the time when the guy in front of us struck up a conversation. Places inside Casa Rosada. Casa Rosada. Helipuerto Presidencial. This is one of the great joys of traveling – meeting new people in the most random of places. Heliport. Imagine having a tour inside the white house, where all the political moves are done, going to the oval office, see the desk where the president sits, pass the assistant desk, going to the press conference room, etc..... Well you can do this in the Argentina Casa Rosada (kind of like the US white house). The bad news: it’s not going to be an inexpensive visit. Casa Rosada ("Pink House") is an apartment building where several of the main characters of the Game Series stay. But every weekend, the mysterious palace doors open to the public for free hour-long tours. Other facilities offered at the property include luggage storage, dry cleaning and an ironing service.

Casa Rosada is located in a neighborhood of a Californian university town on the eight hundred block of Orchard Avenue. April, Caroline(Aprils grandmother), Melanie and Marshall live their and their parents too!

However, the most iconic part of this building is the balcony from which the iconic former first lady, Eva “Evita” Peron delivered speeches to the people of Argentina. Find great things to do. Casa Rosada ("Pink House") is an apartment building where several of the main characters of the Game Series stay. You can certainly go to the Casa Rosada, get the tour, and just enjoy the building for what it is. The museum has exhibits showcasing the 100 years of the Casa Rosada as the seat of power in Argentina.

To this day photographs are only permitted in the courtyard. The Casa Rosada Museum is located inside the main office buildings of the President of Argentina, The Casa Rosada or Pink House.

The interesting Museo Casa Rosada is located behind the palace. The casa is easily reached via public buses and the metro.