If that information is accurate, then the class itself would actually only cost 750 AC's. Also make sure it have some classes already i want to avoid grinding for it :) The account also should have a good bit of rares like cursed naval commander, and pets, and stuff in bank just name your price and we can negotiate *****: abrupts Im looking for either Evolved Dark Caster Armor, Ultimate Dark Caster, or Legion Evolved Dark Caster. I appreciate the 6 months of support and feedback that I have received as I worked on this project. Evolved LightCaster Armor Shop ID: 1353 Buy this armor first before you open the shop of Class worth 1000 ACs Evolved LightCaster Class Shop ID: 1351 With the token, merge it for LightMage. You Also Need 1 Class Point In Lightmage To Accept The Quest In /Join CelestialRealm Found From Aranx.

If You Don't Have The Armor, You're Stuck Getting All 5 Burning Blades Just To Use That Trash Class Called Lightcaster.

To obtain this class you only need to complete "LightCaster … AQW Guides. Sepulchure's Doomknight Armor Guide; BLoD Guide; ArchPaladin Class Guide; Blade of Awe Guide; Archfiend Doomlord Armor Guide ; Juggernaut Items of Nulgath Guide; AQW Private Server; AQW Information Guide How to get LightCaster Class. Normally, a 1000 AC item would have a sellback price of 900 ACs if sold back within 24 hours, but the wiki says that the sellback price is 250 ACs. Purchase the Evolved LightCaster armour from Aranx in /Celestialrealm for 1000 ACs. Content; Bots Script; Bots.

Because You (For Some Reason) Don't Have The "Enchanted LightCaster Armor" You Need To Even Get Either Form Of Lightcaster. Le Bot; Dark Mystic ; Carbon; Grimoire; Cetera; Trainer Support. How to get LightCaster Class COMPLETE GUIDE ON HOW TO GET LIGHT CASTER CLASS. YOUR CART - Made by Vero - I will no longer be implementing updates as I have chosen to leave AQW. AQW World Information around AQW Tips and Tricks. With the armour, open the LightMage Class Token A Shop and purchase Token A. Made by Vero.

AQW Quest ID; Worked AQW Glitch; AQW Map Coordination; Best XP Farming Point; Best Gold Farming Point; Best Nulgath Reagents Farming Point; Guides. What's the sellback on the Evolved LightCaster armor? Guides > > > > > > > > > > > Extra Guides > > > > > > > > > > > Extra Search by typing & pressing enter.