Diamond Armour 9/6/2012 Willie David Armour 7/15/2012 Shalya Monique Armour 7/10/2012 Earl Armour Williams 4/6/2012 Search by Name and/or Date* First: Last: Book Date: mm/dd/yyyy Booking by Age * 18-20. Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt spent a year fighting as part of the underground resistance on the enemy-held world of Gereon.When he left, he promised that he would bring the forces of the Imperium to liberate Gereon's citizens from their oppressors. 23619 .

Pretty easy read, lots of action, not to complicated. Trooper Fibrodder was a minor character who appeared in the novel The Armour of Contempt. 15462 . 7728 .

detail in Driller Kexie's company, Fibrodder was incorporated into Activated Tactical 137 along with the other scalps in preparation for the liberation of Gereon. This is why The Armour of Contempt was a bit of a shock. 28875 . 36-40.

see review. 61-65. 2074 . In 'The Armour of Contempt', Gaunt and Co. somehow manage to stay uncorrupted despite spending an inordinate amount of time on a Chaos world. Oct 08, 2019 Elias rated it really liked it. 31-35. 56-60. Between this and the Gaunt's Ghosts book (where they're trapped on Gereon), I've realized that the armor of contempt refers to something more than a cool-sounding term, but an actual concept. 26-30. 21-25. 51-55. The Gaunt's Ghosts books have been fun thus far, with the ups and downs to be expected in any multi-volume series. 18170 . 31765 .

10508 . The story gets split up between Gaunt with the Tanith regiment and a young member of the Ghosts who ends up being conscripted into another unit. The Armour of Contempt is the tenth novel in the Gaunt's Ghosts series by Dan Abnett.. Cover Description. 4726 . 46-50. 13681 . 41-45. The Armour of Contempt has the Ghosts, all of them this time, heading to Gereon to thwart the Chaos threat. A trooper on R.I.P.